1. balanbaalis:

    i observe men in silence, how they leave plates on dining room tables, how they slam doors, how they take up whole couch with legs sprawled and lounging arms, how they do not filter speech, too confident, too loud. voices always violent, everything a war.  

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  2. callmemaggiesimpson:


    God I wanna delete all my blogs so badly

    Loool Sarah nooooooo


  3. God I wanna delete all my blogs so badly

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  5. lucificious:




    The fact that this even needs to be posted is fucking ridiculous

    "Masturbating" no if you need to be told not to on a bus you’re fucking disgusting

    Masturbating? Has this been an issue? That’s gross.

    Me and my friends were in Paris in March and this guy literally started jacking off on the metro while my friend was sat next to him

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  6. 10knotes:

    Some kid at my high school sent out the snap chat of the year.

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  7. thefirecannotkillthedragon:

    Bath time and Orange is the New Black


  8. spookymarius:

    listening to covers is all well and good until u realise the singer changed the pronouns to pull a musical no homo

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  9. hellyeahrihannafenty:

    LMFAO Rihanna Drops A Fans Phone!

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